WWE 2k22 Universe Mode Crash Fix

WWE 2k22 Universe Mode Crash Fix

WWE 2k22 Crash fix

The new ‘Universe Mode’ incorporated in the WWE 2K series for a previous couple of years has just been discovered in the WWE 2K22 title. WWE 2K22 users may unlock new gaming stages and features using the so-called ‘Universe Mode.’ However, it appears that many players are facing the WWE 2K22 Universe Mode Crashing or Not Loading Issue, which has been said to have been more prevalent after the v1.05 patch update. So I will list some of the WWE 2k22 Universe Mode Crash Fixes in this article.

Advanced WWE 2K22 Universe Mode users have tried reinstalling the game, cleaning the temporary cache data, and even doing a hard reset on their console to no avail. However, for the time being, the problem appears to be persistent enough for the majority of the impacted gamers, which is quite annoying.

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WWE 2k22 Universe Mode Crash Fixes

1. Update your Graphics Card

Even though users haven’t yet reported this Issue, bear in mind that outdated graphic drivers may cause your WWE 2K22 to malfunction.

Remember that a healthy system is one with components that are constantly updated, and your games will only deliver a complete experience if your visual drivers are kept up to date.

A trouble-free way is to use a specialist program like DriverFix.

It will scan your computer for missing or outdated drivers and generate a complete report of all your current and outdated device drivers.

Furthermore, it is elementary, clever, and straightforward to use, so don’t be concerned if you’re a novice!

2. Limit The Custom Creations from Community Creations

Limit the number of custom pictures and save game files you can use.
Excessive use of custom photos in WWE 2K22 Universe Mode might result in significant problems.

Experiments by experts have shown that restricting the number of custom pictures to 280 and saving game files to 100 MB (or less) are two excellent remedies for today’s problem.

3. Delete Your Save Game

If you notice Frequent Crashes in WWE 2K22 Universe Mode, I would suggest one of the most radical methods you can attempt is to wipe all saves and start again.

However, this isn’t something I would necessarily encourage. Suppose the custom images solution doesn’t work. In that case, you should try removing all of your Community Created CAWs because sometimes there are corrupt Caws that can break your game, so download carefully, don’t just pick up anything just because its free.

Some Tips to Minimize the Crashes Of Universe Mode

These are some of the WWE 2k22 Universe Mode Crash Fixes that I provided that will not fix the crashes but will surely minimize the crashes and make the game a bit more playable until 2k Finally fixes the Issue.

WWE 2k22 Universe Mode Crash fix
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While You are playing through Universe mode, You will realize that the game crashes mostly on PVP Shows while starting a special day like SummerSlam or Money in the Bank, so why does that happen? In my experience, it’s when we save and leave the universe mode while the PVP is running, meaning When you start a show, finish it till you land on any regular Show like Raw or Smackdown. When we save a midway and try to enter later, that’s when the Crashes occur.

Secondly, If You need to edit matches, do it after entering the show because there’s less possibility of crashing. Thirdly Don’t download any Custom Money in the Bank Briefcase in your Universe Mode as it crashes a lot according to reliable sources,

Try avoiding CAWS that uses a hell lot of images because that not only crashes the game but also lingers the loading screens and causes lags; last but not least, Keep updating the game as 2k has been releasing free updates fixing a variety of issues, so it’s only a matter of time before they fix these issues.




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