WWE 2k22 Review-Steps to Right Direction

WWE 2k22 Review-Steps to Right Direction

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It’s mesmerizing how much of a change a year makes.

Following the failure of WWE 2K20, 2K Games and developer Visual Concepts wisely opted to take a break to refocus and effectively reboot the series. And it’s a good thing, too, because WWE 2K22 is by far the most polished and innovative take on the franchise since its inception in 2013. This isn’t to say it’s without bugs, odd collision detection, server disconnects, and a few other long-standing issues; however, the majority of them are now under control, and it’s clear that the crew listened to many significant areas of feedback. At the same time, the action is faster, and the controls are less complicated. So I came up with WWE 2k22 Review.

WWE 2k22 Improvements

As the Developers say This game really hits different compared to the Infamous WWE 2k20 that was much more renowned for bugs and glitches than the gameplay or anything that the game wanted to portray which was pretty disappointing for WWE fans.

1. Graphics

WWE 2k22 Review
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The Graphics of WWE 2k22 seems night and day compared to its previous instalments 2k really outdid themselves when they brought such amazing visuals and graphics to the table these graphics truly screams next-gen gaming and easily the most lucrative wrestling games world has ever seen

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Character models like John Cena, Rock, Rey Mysterio, and TheĀ  Undertaker of all versions look amazing in the wrestler introductions. Even the female wrestlers look fantastic in this entry, since they have usually seemed to get the short end of the stick, but not any longer – they look equally as wonderful as the rest. Furthermore, the Legends appear to be in better shape than ever before, with a concerted attempt to match their real-life counterparts.

2. General Manager Mode

WWE 2k22 Review
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There have been legitimate criticisms that WWE 2K22’s General Manager mode, often known as the MyGM option, is lacking in comparison to previous games. True, there are some unneeded limitations to what can be done in the mode, but it’s a step in the right direction for the series moving ahead.
With patches and updates, the creators could potentially add more content to this mode. However, it’s likely that the feature will be expanded upon in the next WWE 2K23. Still, it’s a step in the right direction for the series, and the foundations are in place for it to become something amazing.

3. Improved Gameplay

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Hit detection is another aspect that has been greatly improved in WWE 2K22. It’s a lot easier to connect with attacks and feel like you’re making a difference as a consequence. The ropes react more realistically, and there are fewer clipping incidents.

The enhancements in hit detection are also carried over to the weapons. Tables are more realistically broken and collapsed. After several impacts, chairs dent and bend before breaking, and some guard railings in the backstage area are also breakable.

Create A Wrestler

WWE 2k22 Create a superstar
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The WWE 2K series always had a robust create a superstar function. Community developers have always come up with fantastic custom characters that resemble wrestlers from other promotions, missing legends, or non-wrestling-related characters from movies, cartoons, and other sources.

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These produced wrestlers look even more detailed and convincing than ever before thanks to advancements in the game’s graphics engine. To finely tweak every single feature about a character’s face, you can adjust and align every aspect of their face. There are also predefined entrances for wrestlers who aren’t in the game, like as Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, The Fiend, Sting and many more.

WWE 2k22 Cons:

Even though the game has improved a lot with its gameplay and graphics but 2k has failed to deliver some of the most wanted features into the game which would have made it one of the greatest WWE games of all time.

  • Many players reported several crashes in Universe mode, mostly among PC players
  • 2k introduced GM mode but with uncalled limitations as there’s limited title shot with limited match options between 1v1 and 2v2.
  • Several reports mention a lot of fps and stability issues on launch
  • No new Match types.
  • 2k as always didn’t bother with fan’s feedback projects.
  • They didn’t include little to anything in Universe Mode which is one of the most essential modes in WWE

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However 2k is actually releasing a lot of updates with free contents and rectifying a lot of issues so theres always hope that this game will get to its true potential.

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