WWE 2k20 in 2021: Review

WWE 2k20 in 2021: Review

WWE 2k20
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WWE 2K20 is a professional wrestling game video game designed by Visual concepts and published by 2k Sports; it was released on October 22, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC; it’s the seventh instalment of the 2k series. This game received a massive backlash from fans all over the world.

The game was a massive failure the demise of 2k20 led to the cancellation of WWE 2k21. Every year 2k with WWE games takes one step forward and two steps back. It’s been a long since we got a good WWE game, ever since WWE 2k14. after that, instalment 2k took a downward spiral gradually, and they kept adding and taking away features. There are things WWE 2K22 can do to make it right!

WWE 2k20: Gameplay

WWE 2k20 changed many things compared with the other instalment of the series, sadly for the worse. 2k with WWE 2k20 ruined the gameplay and made the series even worse with this game; they were supposed to improve on 2k19 by adding new gameplay mechanics and features. They have changed the controls, and it resulted in a massive disaster. Players have grown accustomed to the traditional controls, and it felt right, but with these new control settings, they made it confusing, and players had to do a lot of guesswork.

WWE 2k20 review
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2k made some minor improvements here and there with animations and other graphical features like sweat dripping from the bodies of wrestlers and some changes with models with the wrestlers’ addition of cenas hair, for example, and some changes with the rosters attire. Moreover, they messed up the targeting system; it takes a lot of work to target one opponent to another, and performing moves are tricky this time around and needs guides to get by a match meaning WWE 2k19 gave players a lot more control over their superstar. 2k20 is worse for newbie players as they may find the gameplay very challenging.

WWE 2k20 review
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The gameplay looks and feels almost the same even though 2k might have introduced some new moves, but with many rosters like Rock, Bret Hart and many more wrestlers, the gameplay feels identical to 2k19. 2k seems very stingy with adding new elements to their games; they introduce a feature only to take it away in the next game 2k19 had many features like creating a championship, Removal Of Attire Straps, Face Paint Damage and many more. However, they improved customizations a bit with this game.

WWE 2k20:Matches 

The predecessors of WWE games like Here comes the pain and Raw vs Smackdown series had a plethora of matches to play with, which also had a lot of variations; with 2k games, we have very few matches compared to the traditional WWE games. Each year WWE games featured new matches which were unique and added value to the game, but this time around, they gave us a mixed-gender match and a broiler room match.

WWE 2k20 review
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2k had a lot of ways to save them from these disastrous reviews from fans; they had ample opportunities to add new matches to the game, which could have added value to the game. We could have matches like I quit match, Casket match inferno match, buried alive match, and much more.


Universe mode, to me, is the most vital feature when it comes to a WWE game. After finishing Season/Road to Wrestlemania or showcase, players usually spend the rest of the year with universe modes until the next release. In-universe mode, players get to be the general manager of WWE, drafting superstars, setting rivalries setting championship matches and many more.

Universe mode
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In my opinion, ever since WWE 2k16, we didn’t get any significant improvement of universe mode over the years other than some minor improvements like increased number of matches or some new cutscenes. However, they introduced the promo engine in 2k17, which looked great but didn’t put much of an impact on the game.







  • Commentary Improvements
  • Career mode is interesting
  • Some improved details like sweat dripping from superstars body
  • New Rosters with a new look





  • Control sucks.
  • gameplay isn’t fun, almost the same as previous 2k games
  • The game is saturated with bugs, glitches, and performance issues.
  • Graphics seems downgraded



WWE 2K22 is right around the corner, as its release date is at March 22, 2022. In my opinion, players who haven’t bought the game should go back to WWE 2k19 as it has fewer bugs, Moreover, both the games are very similar, but 2k20 feels a lot worse in my experience however it’s not the end of the world 2k could redeem themselves with 2k22 by bringing back many features from previous games or more

WWE 2k22 looks astonishing, though and its also anticipated by fans all over the world



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