Things You Need To Know About Mafia 4

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Things You Need To Know About Mafia 4

2K Czech first conceived and produced the Mafia series of action-adventure games (formerly Illusion Softworks). The games have been developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games from the third version. Mafia is, of course, one of the legendary series that is unique and allows us to venture into the world from the 19th Century. It’s been six years since the last mainstream Mafia game, but a new installment (Mafia 4) may finally be in the works. While it’s still early days, early rumors indicate that a Mafia prequel is in the works, and leaked information piles up.

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The latest mafia installment that we got was the remake of Mafia 1, The City Of Lost Heaven, with Mafia The Definitive Edition, which was magnificent and one of my all-time favorite games with some of its flaws, which I will discuss in another article.

The Mafia series has become one of 2K Games’ most popular over 20 years and three delayed releases. Following the re-release of the trilogy in 2020, the fans of the franchise will not have to wait long for a fourth installment.

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Some of the early reports suggest that Mafia 4 is in development, and I will list some of the information that is yet to be confirmed; so Ill suggest taking these pieces of information with a grain of salt as nothing is confirmed yet, so we will have to speculate with the leaks we got. I guess we are still a few years away from seeing Mafia 4 on the screens.

Mafia 4 Infos

There is currently no news of the release date for the upcoming new Mafia game since we have yet to get confirmation of the project. It’s also too early to estimate when the film will be released. The latest reports from Kotaku suggest that the game is in the very early stages of development at Hanger 13. In my opinion, we might not see the Mafia until late 2023 or 2024.

Unreal Engine 5

The game is reported to be developed with Unreal Engine 5. The Players will finally get to see, and experience to 19Centuryury world of Mafioso with Unreal Engine Graphics. I’m sure it will be a sight to see a concept of Unreal engine given down below Mafia Game Videos.

Mafia 4 Platforms 

However, Hanger 13 hasn’t said anything about the release date or the platforms, so its difficult to say what they could release it on. Will they make it a Ps5 or Xbox Series X exclusive? I hope not. I assume they will release the game on all Platforms, that means Pc and all the next-gen consoles, as this game will need High powered Hardware to run the game at its full potential.

Mafia 4 setting

According to early reports from reliable sources, moreover, Kotaku addressed that the developers at Hangar 13 were planning to make Mafia 4 a prequel to the Mafia franchise. They codenamed the fourth installment, Nero. We might get to see the earlier times of the first Mafia installment in Mafia The Definitive Edition/Mafia 1 The City of Lost heaven.

Mafia 4
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We also received some comments from XboxEra Host Nick Baker stating that we will explore the rise of Ennio Salieri’s Rise to Power. We might see Salieri’s early stages of his life like Tommy Angelo, which I think would be pretty awesome as I am a big fan of mafia 1 Characters. It’s still a rumor, though, so id suggests taking it all with a grain of salt.

Young Salieris
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We might be able to roam around the Lost Haven with a young Salieri doing various missions for The Don Peppone himself alongside Don Morello we know today. This will give us an in-depth perspective of the characters and the spark of war between Don Morello and Don Salieri we know today. Moreover, it will be incredible to see Salieri in his prime, as mentioned in Mafia DE, when Tommy escorts Sarah to her home.


As we might explore the events of Salieri, we could be exploring the time of the 1890s to 1920s. The cars will be much more traditional yet very similar to Mafia DE but a bit more slowly compared to its future installments, Chronologically speaking.


Mafia 4 could bring new features to the series like exporting rackets like OG Godfather games we used to play back in those days. Moreover, they could also bring back the removed features from Mafia II like buying apartments buying clothes eating out in restaurants and many more.

I think Mafia 4 will be the most anticipating game of this decade If everything goes according to the plan.




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