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Sims 3 Cheats for PC

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Sims 3 is the best game of the Sims series and by far the most immersive social simulation game, and I’m sure players will be revisiting this game as the latest instalment of sims was a disappointment, to say the least. This game is almost a decade old, so it’s safe to assume that you want to cruise through your next playthrough at ease. Well, there’s nothing wrong with using cheats to enhance your gaming experience.

So without further adieu, let’s begin; I will be covering all the cheats of sims 3 for Pc as, of course, PC is the only platform to get expansion packs for free by downloading pirated versions of the game secondly PC is the best platform when it comes to modding.

How to open up console command?

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First things first, in order to enable cheats on The Sims 3, you’ll need to bring up the cheat console using the instructions below:

  • The Sims 3 PC cheats: Hold Ctrl and Shift, then press c

A console panel will open up similar to Skyrim; then you will simply type in the codes and reap the benefits.

Sims 3 cheats
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Firstly type in testingcheatsenabled true in the console command; it will enable you to use testing cheats (such as a shift-click mailbox)

CHEATS Commands
kaching It gives you 1000 cash
Motherlode 50000 cash
hideheadlineeffects on hides all hud
buydebug You can buy anything
jokeplease It gives you a random joke
resetsim firstname lastname When a sim is stuck itresets a sim
unlockOutfits on/off View career outfits
quit Quits the game (short cut)

shazaam Adds happiness points
freerealestate get any plot
modify traits Choose traits again
set age [x] Adjust age for your sim
fps [on/off] Shows Frame rate per second

Sims 3:Shift-Click Cheats

testingCheatsEnabled true cheat enables a number of Shift+Click cheats. Hold Shift as you click on any item to unveil a list of options.

  • Shift-click a non-household Sim to add them to your household
  • Shift-click on the mailbox to make any friend and force people at your doorstep
  • Click your workplace for promotions or raises
  • Repeat the same method to teleport sims on any location

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