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Skyrim Vampire Mod Guide


Skyrim Vampire Mod Guide 

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Skyrim is by far one of the most renowned games you could ever play. This game is one of the best RPG games you can find right now, and this game has one of the most excellent modding communities, which are free to use. A good Vampire RPG game is very scarce. In my opinion, Skyrim is a game where you can actually create any type of vampire you like with mods. So I came up with Skyrim Vampire Mod Guide, which will surely enhance your gaming experience.

How a Skyrim Vampire Should have been

Skyrim Mod Guide
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A vampire, by default, should be Strong and fast; players should at least feel like they are playing with a powerful Supernatural Being. Sadly Bethesda, for some reason, took a backward approach with the vampires in the game. The vampires in the game become weaker upon feeding, whereas it should be the opposite. Moreover, players should be able to tear humans bodies limb to limb.

Vampires should be strong enough to use their claws or bare hands (though it depends on one personal preference), so I will list some mods which aim to fix that.

Skyrim Vampire Mods 

1. Skyrim Vampire Mod: Better Vampires

Skyrim Mod Guide
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Better Vampires is a Skyrim overhaul mod. It aims to keep the game balanced and provide a better experience for those who want to play as a vampire. There are other vampire mods that are overly complicated or force you to play exactly how the author intended. This mod is all about giving you more options and flexibility, as well as making your Skyrim adventures more enjoyable.


  1. Allows players to turn other NPCs into Vampires
  2. Adds sneak feeding may kill enemies (a semi-silent kill move )
  3. Adds whole new spells and powers

2. Bat Travel: Vampire mod

Skyrim Mod Guide
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Bat Travel is a Vampiric power mod that allows players to turn themselves into a swarm of bats and fly anywhere they want (not usable inside caves or houses or any other modded lands). This mod is suitable for players who are more into traditional vampires like Vlad the Impaler, for example, from Dracula untold.

3. Maximum Carnage

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Maximum Carnage is a gore mod for Skyrim that adds more blood and gore to the game. Cut off limbs or burn your opponents to a crisp; the choice is yours. It makes the game brutal, and combining this mod with Vampire and Werewolf playthrough can make a lot of difference.

4. Violens

Skyrim Mod Guide

A Killmove Mod allows you to control both Ranged and Melee Killmoves in-game. Using the Profile System, you can choose which Killmoves you’d like to see trigger for each weapon type and then save/load your choices. This mod is essential for all playthroughs no matter what you are playing as Werewolf, vampire, assassin or a strong barbarian this mod spices things up. Make sure you set the MCM menu as shown in the picture above.

5. Jump Run Changer

Skyrim Mod Guide
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A small mod allows you to change the speed at which you run and the height you jump in-game. You can also save three presets for quick switching. When you load a save, your previous settings are loaded, so you don’t have to keep resetting the jump height. The Perfect mod for players who like to play as supernatural beings.

6. Fist of God: Unarmed Weapon

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It’s a simple mod that adds an unarmed weapon that adds the effect of unrelenting force to the punch, which upon hitting, sends the enemies flying, similar to vampires of Twilight. It’s suitable for players who want to like the twilight version of the vampire.


Skyrim Vampire Mod Guide 

The video above is just a demo of the combination of mods listed here (except Fist of god). However, you will need to use the console command: player.setav attackdamagemult 66 (As preference) for the exact gameplay experience as shown in the video however if these settings are applied you will be a force to reckon with might make the game easier so I would recommend to set the difficulty on Legendary.


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