Skyrim For Pc Review in 2021

Skyrim Review in 2021 For Pc

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open-world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game is almost a decade old, and there are many new games on the horizon, but there are many reasons to revisit The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in 2021.

Despite its age, Skyrim is in better shape than it ever was. Skyrim is the best game they can pick to dive into for players looking to immerse into an open-world RPG game.

The Game is Still Alive Even in 2021

Many RPG games like Witcher 3, Assassins creed Valhalla, Kingdom Come Deliverance, and many more are saturated with photo-realistic graphics and realistic animations. The mechanics within the game may look clunky and sluggish at this date, but the overall environment is still aesthetic, to say the least.

Furthermore, If you have a pc with strong Hardware, you may use nifty mods to enhance the game with many graphics mods. You can also improve the gameplay by using a variety of mods that enhance gameplay; various kinds of animations and combat mods are being uploaded daily on websites like Nexus.

Skyrim review for pc
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Skyrim review for pc
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The pictures above show how much mods can enhance a game. Basically, the mods are what is keeping the game alive so far.

Skyrim Mods  

Skyrim review
Categories of mods available for Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim has one of the largest modding communities compared to other games. Moreover, the game is available on every platform and even in console versions modding is available; all the more reason for you to pick up Skyrim. The game has a plethora of mods to choose from new companions with a whole lot more to say than the usual Skyrim characters to new quests and adventures, and more. People who never used mods in their game should give it a try because, with mods, the game can be more vibrant and immersive, to begin with.

Secondly, with mods, Skyrim is a type of game that allows players to shape their game as they see fit, Meaning players who are more into realistic gameplay. There are a plethora of mods to make the game far more realistic mods like Hypothermia or Campfire mod. Players who are more into fantasy type RPG games they could also do that by adding certain spell mods and fantasy styled ENB mods which will give the game a much more Fantasy RPG look similar to Witcher 3.

Skyrim is Enormous

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The World of Skyrim is roughly about 15 square miles. As a matter of fact, Skyrim is pretty big even by today’s standards. However, the game also has a category of mod lists where a variety of lands are available, of course, created by modders, let alone the DLCs provided by Bethesda, which features even more quests.

The vanilla game is large enough for a long playthrough; the main questline is big enough with several long branching questlines, over 100 dungeons, five major cities, and countless enemies to fight. Moreover, the game is full of side quests that have a story of their own to keep players engaged.

Moreover, there are also mods that add quests into the game, and those quests are all created by modders with their own voice, meaning the game also has a plethora of quests to keep you busy. Even though the quests of Skyrim is eternal, there’s a provision for modded quests, so basically, it will always have new content.

Complete Freedom

there have been many open-world RPGs released since Skyrim, and none of them offers the same level of freedom as Skyrim; for example, Witcher 3 have many choices to do certain objectives, but they are limited to only one character. However, with Skyrim, it’s a whole different story. Players can choose from different races to classes and mix and match.

Skyrim gives the player complete freedom to make whatever character they want to be, from a Strong Nord to a silent assassin with hidden options open to find, such as Vampire or Werewolf, which is, of course, very scarce in games.

Vampire and werewolf
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Best VR RPG Game

Skyrim is a gem when it comes to VR, and with the addition of mods like ENBs and other texture mods, it will make you feel like you are actually standing in Skyrim though you will need While it’s annoying that VR kit owners have to buy Skyrim VR separately, it’s worth it for the most immersive RPG ever developed.


Players who haven’t played the game they should definitely catch up with the series as the new instalment of the series Elder Scrolls is still a long way off. The game is fun the game has aged there’s no denying it. It’s not the biggest RPG anymore, but as time went by, Skyrim has amassed a large modding community which is worthy of a homage even in 2021


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