Skyrim Vampire Mods

Skyrim Best Vampire Mods


Skyrim Best Vampire Mods

Skyrim Vampire Mods
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Vampires of Skyrim

Vampires in Skyrim are often shunned and belittled due to being weak and repetitive, So I came up with lists of Vampire mods that are guaranteed to enhance your gameplay much more immersive; make sure you check a full-on guide on this topic here. Vampires are, of course, much more potent than normal human beings, so the mods listed down aims to do that.

10. Better Vampire NPCs

Skyrim Vampire Mods
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Skyrim’s vampires have been overhauled thanks to Better Vampire NPCs mod. They will level up in accordance with the player and become stronger as a result of advanced perks, spells, and new abilities. Vampires now come in various classes, including one-handed, two-handed, light armour, heavy armour, mage, light bowman, and heavy crossbowman: more variety, challenge, and fun.

In Skyrim, vampires are usually predictable and cliched regardless of their level; they often have similar appearances and abilities. This mod will give your game a lot more variety and make vampires more challenging and varied.

This mod improves all of the game’s vampire NPCs, both generic and named. Except for Harkon Serana and Valerica

The appearance of vampires will change slightly, with stronger or ancient vampires will look paler. When a Vampire’s health is low, some will turn into a mist, others will use Blink Attack to teleport beside or behind you; moreover, vampire weapons can infect you with Sanguinare Vampiris, and different classes of Vampires attack in different ways.

9. Vampire Mod: Bloodthirst

Skyrim Vampire Mods
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Bloodthirst is essential when you are playing as a vampire; you may have a vampire follower with you who might feed on another NPCs when they are hungry it makes the game immersive. Not only followers but other vampires will also feed on human NPCs to sate their hunger. It’s a nice touch to the gameplay.

8. Vampire beasts Mihail Monster

Skyrim Vampire Mods
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As the name suggests, this mod adds vampire beasts into the game, and yes some of the creatures like Eknimara or Katakan were also present in Witcher 3. Mihail never ceases to amaze me when it comes to creature mods. It adds seven variants of vampire beasts
Alpha Garkain
Elder katakan

all have new sounds, loot, spells, effects
expansion of the vampires in your game

7. Fists of Gods (Not a vampire mod)

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The fists of gods is not a vampire mod, but it sure does add some vampire elements into the game. We all remember the vampires from Twilight, where vampire punches were used to send people flying; this mod does the same for your character; basically, it adds an invisible bare-handed weapon that sends enemies flying upon impact. It puts a tough competition if you make enemies use it.

6. Jump Run Changer

Skyrim Vampire Mods
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Jump run changer is a tiny mod that adds a ring to the player. Upon equipping allows the player to customize their speed jump height and removes the fall damage, so perfect mod for vampires and werewolves or any other supernatural entity you are playing with.

 5. Vampire Lord Flying Mod

As the name suggests, the mod grants the ability to fly as Vampire Lord, similar to the movies like Underworld or Vanhelsing where vampires were able to fly; however, it would have been awesome if there was a mod that changed the flying animation of the vampire lord to more like superman.

4. Predator Vision 

Predator Vision is one of the essential vampire/werewolf mod that enables you to turn on night/predator vision without having to go to the character menu, so it comes in handy. Moreover, it also allows you to use the ability when playing as human.

3. Serana Dialogue Add-On

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As For Dawnguard, this mod, in my opinion, is mandatory as it adds a whole lot of lines to Serana and it makes the game much more immersive and gives much more life to Serana. This mod also makes Serana interact with the world and other NPCs in the game; she will also comment on different events or say something interesting, similar to Inigo or Lucien.

2. Bat Travel

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It’s one of my most favourite mods in Skyrim; this mod makes the game exciting and fun. As the name suggests, it allows players to turn themselves into a swarm of bats and fly to any location they want; furthermore, it can also be used in combat, this mod makes a difference in becoming a vampire as it also adds a new form of transportation into the game (Bat travel)

1. Better Vampires

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This mod doesn’t need any introduction, and I’m sure many skyrimmers are familiar with this mod as this mod single-handedly changed the vampire gameplay of the game and brought the vampires to glory by adding a hell of a lot of vampire elements into the game, like turning other NPCs into vampires and a whole lot of tweaks into the game


These are some of the best Skyrim vampire mods I could find, and these mods are guaranteed to give you a fun experience. However, some of these mods might conflict with your load order if you already have mods that change the same aspects of the game, Vampiric thirst and better vampires, for example.

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