Sims 4 Review in 2021

Sims 4 Review in 2021

Sims 4 review
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Sims 4 is a social simulation game released by Electronic Arts in 2014. Developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. Sims 4 is the fourth major instalment in the franchise. It was announced on May 6, 2013, published for Microsoft Windows in September 2014. On February 17, 2015, macOS versions were posted internationally, while on November 17, 2017, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles were available worldwide.

Sims 4 Gameplay

Maxis took a more traditional approach with sims 4. as the first and second instalment of the series didn’t feature open-world gameplay, it was added in the third game. However, that made significant changes in the sim series and added a lot of immersion into the game, sadly missing in Sims 4. However, this game came up with many different changes, which received mixed reviews.

This instalment came up with much more improved graphics; the lighting and shadows of the game are very much improved and looks realistic; it’s still good with today’s standards. With this game, the sims look much more detailed and natural; the hair and faces of sims look a bit more natural compared to their predecessors.

Sims 4 review
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Sims 4 review
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The fourth instalment emphasizes the Whims and emotions; Players will experience their sims having certain emotions like happy, sad or anger for something that happened to them due to socialization. Furthermore, it will impact their work or activities; for example, they might perform push-ups to vent their anger, but it doesn’t impact relationships. The picture above shows the emotions.

Anne Hathaway
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The game did a fine job with creating a sim; players┬ácan change and customize the appearances of theirs sims to their heart’s content. Sims 4 features much more detailed customization in terms of appearance, meaning they can select an eye and customize as they see fit.

Players can also customize bodies and give them any shape in detail, unlike their predecessors, meaning they can not only make a particular sim fat they can customize certain parts of their body, which enables players to create any lookalikes of a real person into the game they have a variety of options to mess with. which is unique and new to the series.

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Sims 4 also added gender customization to the series meaning players can set whether their sims can be pregnant or make others pregnant or not. Players are free to make their sims male-female or neuter, which adds a lot of realism into the game; there’s also an LGBT pack that expands more on the subject of genders.

Patches and Mods

The developers are very diligent with their games as they continuously kept adding free updates and patches through origins which adds new features into the game even in 2021. Click here for more details about the patches. However, the game has a good share of modding community at its disposal, and there are many mods.

Furthermore, as the game receives new updates every now and then, its safe to say that sims 4 is very stable, unlike sims 3, moreover, the game is saturated with DLC,s which is very similar to the expansion packs from sims 3, like Cats and Dogs and Seasons, to name a few.

The mods are what keeps a game alive, and in my opinion, the mods of sims 4 are somewhat better than sims 3 as there’s much more fluidity with animations WHIMS mod, for example.

Sims 4 Cons

Sims 4 is a good game, but it felt rushed and incomplete upon release; many elements were removed from the series, which disappointed a lot of fans of the series, so here goes,

  • Small world only contains 20 lots.
  • Cant move freely to neighbours without a loading screen
  • A significant step back from sims 3 as they removed the open world
  • Cars are nothing more than cosmetic; sims go out of the house and vanishes
  • It doesn’t involve services that were present in previous games
  • Removed toddler age from the game (Later included into the game)
  • Removed Create a style which used to add creativity into the game
  • Workplaces or schools means nothing (as we are left only in houses)

New Features added through patches

Additions to the Create-A-Sim hairstyles.

New camera tools

Added terrain tools to the game

Pond objects, effects, and water styles included

Children can now assist in the garden.

Cooking can now be done together.

There are more options for food delivery services.

The base game now has a calendar (previously only available with the Seasons expansion pack).

The notebook now has its own user interface icon.

There have been several bug fixes and console changes.


Recently a trailer for sims 5 came out, so it’s safe to say that we will be getting another new instalment of the series. However, the release date is still unknown, so it might take a year or two before we can get our hands on Sims 5.

So until then, simmers will have to continue playing the games we have in hand. Sims 4 can be considered a good game after the inclusion of all the expansion packs. However, still, it lacks open-world mechanics, which feels incomplete, so players who are not familiar with the series can start with sims 4 as it’s very similar to sims 1 and 2. For the fans, I would recommend them to revisit sims 3 as the game feels massive with all its expansion packs; moreover, it would be cheaper than sims 4.



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