Sims 3 in 2021: Review

Sims 3 in 2021:Review

Sims 3 Review
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Sims 3 is a life simulation game from the year 2009. It was developed by  Redwood Shores studio and published by Electronic Arts. It’s the third instalment of the Sims series. Sims 3 follow the same pattern as its predecessors, Sims 2 and Sims 1. The game is all about controlling the characters life, fate, neighbours houses and many more. The game came out on many platforms like PC, Xbox 360 Ps3.

Sims 3 did a fantastic job of expanding the world to the players, which is not the case with its predecessors. Players can roam around the whole map with their sims and perform various activities like going out on dates and visiting neighbours without the hassle of loading screens like previous games. Sims 3 is a fine example of a Nostalgic game that players should revisit for a dose of nostalgia.

 Best game of the series: Sims 3 

It is considered one of the best games of the series because it introduced an open-world system to the series, which adds a whole lot of immersion into the game, and it’s much more realistic compared to its previous games; secondly, the graphics are also good enough even by today’s standards. However, it is the first and the last game with an open-world system till now. There are tonnes of expansion packs and mods, which makes the game much more immersive and gigantic.

In sims 3, there are tonnes of mods to play with, and the modding community of the game is still active, which players can use to enhance their gaming experience. Mods allow us to reach the depths of the dark reality of the world, meaning, with mods, you can murder sims and include sex life into the game, which could be 18+ but enhances the experience immensely.

Sims 3 review
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Sims 3 Review
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Sims 3 has the best expansion packs:

The game is top-rated and loved by the fans of the series even non-gamers, (that includes females in the majority). We can thank the creative expansions of the series that developers used to push the limits of the game and bring much more to the table. Including expansions into the game provides the best experience to the players; however, it slows down the game. That’s the only thing I hate about the game.

1. The World Adventures 

Sims 3 expansion packs
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It’s the first expansion of the series, which introduces many unique elements to the base game. In this expansion, sims can visit three different places: France, Egypt, and China, including many dungeons and caves, to explore and find mystical artifacts that are very interesting. Moreover, it also adds many skills like Martial arts making nectars and photography.

Learning Martial arts has many perks on its own sims can spar with each other, showing off new hard-earned belts, comes in handy when fighting mummies in certain caves, sims can also learn mediation which upon reaching mastery they can teleport to places. Learning brewing nectars has its perks also; you can make wines and earn money, drink and many more.

This expansion pack also includes many different items that are pretty unique. Let’s say charming snake ability, for example; sims can learn to charm snakes and pull off pranks like sending snake after a particular sim which is funny and horrifying at the same time.

2. The Ambitions 

Sims 3 expansion packs
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It’s the second expansion pack of Sims 3. It takes an in-depth approach to make the jobs a bit more interactive. It adds certain professions like Architectural Designer, Education, Firefighter, Ghost Hunter, Medical, Investigator, Stylist, Self-Employed. Each has their own set of work and new vehicles like motorcycles into the game.

However, this expansion pack also includes a town named Twinbrook. It has brand new shops such as the laundromat, the tattoo parlour and stylish shop.

3. Late Night 

Sims 3 review
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The Late Night expansion pack is the third expansion pack of Sims 3. It is one of the popular expansion packs of the game. The expansion was successful among fans, and it pretty much added a lot of versatility to the base game; it also added Apartments, Penthouse, New careers, skills, traits, clothes and accessories, furniture, and cars, bars and nightclubs that sims can go to not only that they also included Vampires into the game.

4. Generations 

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The generations expansion pack adds a lot more elements into the sims’ life stages, emphasizing the reality of human life stages; for example, when sims reach the age of a young adult, they start experiencing a mid-life crisis. It fills the sims with much more life into them.

Many features are added into the game; new interactions, new traits, new professions and many types of celebrations, weddings, slumber, bachelor parties, wedding parties and many more.

5. Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack

Expansion pack
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Sims 3 Pets is one of the most successful expansion packs of the series, in my opinion. As the name suggests, this expansion adds pets, making the game a lot lively and lovely. This expansion introduces a variety of pets to play with; players can customize their collars, furs, body shape colours, and many more. Sims can adopt Cats, Dogs, and horses.

Each pet has its own set of skills and adds immersion to the game.  Keeping a dog allows players to guard their houses at night. A similar feature is available with cats, but they are limited to guarding objects, and with horses, its self-explanatory sims can ride horses and visit different lots and venues. It’s one of my most favourite expansion packs of the series.

6. Showtime

Sims 3 expansion pack review
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Showtime emphasizes the aspect of becoming a star singing songs onstage playing musical instruments at parties and stages. It also comes with a new world  Starlight Shores; it also adds various professions to sims like a magician, singer, acrobat etc. it also included a unique feature Simport, which allows importing and exporting celebrity Sims.

7. Supernatural

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It’s a unique expansion pack that focuses more on supernatural beings like vampires, werewolves, fairies, zombies, and witches. It allows players to play as supernatural beings from Create a sim, or they can make friends with such entities and ask them to convert them; it also comes with a new world, Moonlight Falls. In my opinion, it’s a missed opportunity as they could make the expansion way better by adding vampiric other supernatural elements into the game, like making them more of a thing other than simpletons. Sadly, this expansion doesn’t add much to the game as there is very little content.

8. Seasons

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Sims 3 Seasons is one of the series’s best expansion packs and adds a lot of content and immersion into the game. The pack includes many different kinds of weather like Rain/Lightning, Sunny, Hail, Snow, and Fog. Moreover, it also adds many other festivals like Love Day, Leisure Day, Spooky Day, and Snowflake Day into the game. Each offers various activities to play with, snowboarding, ice skating, to name a few. Furthermore, it adds new clothes like snow gear, swimwear, and raincoats, depending on the weather.

9. University Life

Sims 3 review
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It’s the ninth expansion pack of sims 3. It emphasizes the aspect of studying and how important it is in our daily lives. I found this expansion to be very realistic and exciting. Sims can enrol in universities and get degrees, which makes up a lot of opportunities in their Careers and facilitates promotions.

The expansion pack includes many features in the game. It adds a whole new world where the university is located, and sims will have to go there and stay until their semester is over. While they are getting their degrees simultaneously, they can rent a house or live in dorms, make new friends, and have many parties like bonfires or slumber parties. Upon completion, they will return home and get jobs starting from level 4 and progress quickly into their field.

Sims 3, with all its expansion packs, is worth it as it’s unique compared to the other games of the series. Moreover, the game, including the expansion packs, should be pretty reasonable as the game is a decade old.





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