Sifu Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Sifu Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Sifu Tips and Tricks
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In Sifu, you have a lot to learn if you want to master the art of Kung Fu; following this set of Sifu tips is the best way to stay alive while on your quest for vengeance. Although the game appears to be a beat-’em-up adventure, it actually has a rogue-like core, and as your skills improve, you’ll constantly unlock new abilities that will help you in later playthroughs. As simply pressing the attack buttons won’t get you very far, you’ll also need to practice the techniques needed for dealing with waves of enemies and understand how blocking functions. With that in mind, here are 12 indispensable Sifu strategies to help you win the coming battles and defeat the savage foes.

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Sifu Tips and Tricks

1. Weapons are a lifesaver

Sifu Tips and Tricks
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As you noticed the gameplay can be pretty challenging when it comes to Sifu as its not like any other beat em up games we play, the combat can be really tough for newbies until they get a hang of it, so id suggest look for weapons as you go along the way.

You will find a lying bottle here and there make sure you pick it up as it will help you finish up savages pretty easily as weapons deal more damages than bare hands, throwable weapons like bricks and bottles sure does stuns enemies allowing you to get a window of running attacks which quickly eliminates enemies. keep in mind you should always look for weapons lying around as they will come in handy in the next fight.

2. Watch Your Back!!

Sifu Tips and Tricks
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No matter what level they are, you’ll frequently find yourself battling a group of enemies at once. If you allow yourself to become surrounded, you’ll quickly lose control of the situation.  Prioritize which targets to concentrate on after moving around to keep everyone in front of you and jumping over obstacles if necessary to regain distance. Try to kill any enemies with weapons first because they will quickly deplete your health, and save any enemies with special gold or silver health bars for the end because they will require more work to defeat. Sweeps and pushbacks, which momentarily remove enemies from the fray to reduce the number of adversaries you’re dealing with, are particularly effective against crowds.

3. Perform Takedowns When you get the Chance

Sifu Tips and Tricks
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For various reasons, you should always act upon the prompt to Takedown an enemy when it appears. First off, you get to perform a cool finishing move that kills the enemy and restores a portion of your health. The effect of this move can be further enhanced by receiving the right reward from Shrines. The Takedown must also be impenetrable to other enemies, who will instead watch in amazement as you smash a thug’s face off a table or give them a solid stomp. Since you can sprint past other enemies to perform a Takedown before they can react, they are ideal for clearing out crowded encounters.

4. Shrines

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Each level contains a number of Shrines that you can interact with to choose a reward based on your age, score, or experience points. Shrines are also the only places outside of deaths where you can access your skill tree and unlock new moves. Enhancing your Weapon Proficiency as well as raising your Focus Reserve, Focus Regain, and Health Gained On Takedowns are wise early investments. Make sure you’ve maximized your Score and XP from the nearby enemies first to give yourself the biggest choice of upgrades. Once you interact with a shrine, you must choose between receiving a reward or leaving empty-handed.

5. Use Focus moves on Fat and Tough enemies

Focus Attack
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There are always some enemies who are tougher than usual savages be it the fat guys you come across on different levels or the boss fights the focus moves always come in handy so it is advisable to save up focus moves for difficult enemies and bosses as it gives you a fighting advantage.

6. Don’t Fight Everyone 

Naturally, many of the people you meet throughout the game are eager for a fight, but not everyone is hostile at first. Some enemies won’t engage in combat with you unless you attack them first or choose a dialogue option (typically denoted by a red fist) to do so. Take on these fights once you have the experience and ability to handle them and earn the extra XP, but while you’re learning the ropes, you’ll advance through levels much faster if you don’t engage in combat constantly.

7.  Go Slow With Boss Fights

Boss Fights
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Boss fights are especially difficult, and you must be patient in them because if you try to rush or button-mash, you’ll be quickly shut down. Instead, concentrate solely on blocking and dodging while observing their attack patterns to spot any openings for a counterattack. These opportunities will typically arise right after an attack pattern, so be prepared to launch your counter after a string of successful blocks and avoidances. Boss fights are two-stage affairs, so be ready to modify your strategy in the second stage as your adversary tries something new.

I hope These Tips and tricks will help you beating this game.

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