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Max Payne Reboot

It has been a long time since we played Max Payne 3, released on May 15, 2012. Max Payne is one of the finest action shooting games ever made, as its shooting mechanics are still excellent even to this date. The bullet time and shoot dodge are unique on their own, let alone the story and graphics. The gameplay was simply one of a kind. However, Max Payne 3 was the series’s final instalment, and Rockstar moved on with other projects like Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V. Its time Rockstars give us a Max Payne Reboot

The Ending Of Max Payne 3

The Rockstar was very clear in Max Payne 3 as the Protagonist Max Payne after killing the main antagonist Victor Branco; he was walking by the beach while the sun was setting, so this is a clear indication that it’s the end of the Max Payne series. The ending itself says that Max Payne is done with his life and retiring.






Why continuation of Max Payne 3 wouldn’t work 

As the game ended in 2012, he was in his late 40s. He was 47 back in 2012, to be precise. So if Max Payne 4 comes out around 2021, he will be around 57, which is quite old, and Rockstar didn’t leave any continuation scope after the Branco incident. Rockstar made it very apparent that Max had his share of adventure for one life. On top of that, Max Payne 3 didn’t make profits as the company expected its one of the main reasons why Rockstar decided to ditch the series and move on to other projects like GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. Those projects brought a hell of more revenue than the Max Payne series ever could; speaking of revenue, GTA V cash cow for rockstars as people are still playing GTA Online, and rockstar is still making free content for GTA online until now.

Ways Max Payne can be Revived. 

There’s no denying that there’s still a fanbase for Max Payne. It’s partly why I’m writing this article.  People are still making videos about the Max Payne series, and indeed there’s a part of a community that still wants a whole new game of max Payne. So there are some ways that a renowned gaming company could revive the series and give it a whole new beginning. How?

Let us look at Metal Gear Solid as an example Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear solid From its first installment to Metal Gear Solid 1 to Metal Gear Solid 4 was a successful stealth video game. Now with Metal Gear Solid V Hideo  Kojima’s latest Metal Gear game back in 2013, The Phantom pain, it’s a whole different story the gave it a whole new beginning, and it was easily one of the best games of 2013. Konami decided to introduce Open world gameplay to the gamers. Metal Gear turned from a Linear game to a sandbox.

The pictures given show the difference.

Max Payne Reboot

In my opinion, rebooting max Payne is the only way the game could make a comeback. I have some ideas about the game designs and many other important elements that could make an awesome experience for max Payne fans and for players who are new to the series.

The Setting

Like Mafia 1 Remake, as it’s a reboot, we are talking about the new Max Payne game that could take place with the setting of Max Payne 1 back in New York, where Max is a police detective turned vigilante after drug addicts murdered his family. As the time period of Max Payne, 1 was around 1998, the buildings and vehicles, and atmosphere should be like the first installment of the Max Payne series, but with the gameplay mechanics and graphics of today’s engine that way it the game would be true to its legacy but way more detailed and lucrative similar to Mafia 1 and Mafia 1 Remake.

The picture above is a fine example of what I’m talking about; however, this is where we differ from an actual remake to a reboot. A remake is where we stay true to the original game and evolve upon gameplay and graphics with today’s modern game developing engine like UNITY, for example, as we are talking about a reboot. There are many elements  I will suggest that will surely make a world of difference to its previous installments.


The First and foremost change I want to bring is introducing free-roaming to the world of Max Payne; basically, players will be able to roam the streets of New York, solving various crimes and carrying out many investigations alone or with a partner depending on the missions. Similar to LA. Noir Max should also do a lot of interrogation as he was a  police detective, similar to Cole Phelps from LA. Noir

Bullet time mechanics and Shootdodge both goes hand in hand, and Max Payne isn’t Max Payne without those elements, so a mix-up of

Bullet time from car 

free-roam gameplay and bullet time could be something very different experiences players can get. A perfect example would be the action dismount ability from the Sleeping dogs where Wei jumps out of the car with a bullet-time action.


As max Payne, there will be many hit and run missions where Max will have to chase robbers across the streets and raiding many locations in search of the notorious gang leaders and drug lords. However, these missions should feature chase missions where the player will have to catch suspects by cars similar to the GTA series, but they will be playing as Police this time.


As the game will be setting during the events of Max Payne 1, the time should be around 1998, so the buildings and vehicles should be identical to that period of time. The Map of Max Payne reboot should take place in new york city, where players will explore the new york city from the 1998 era. The world should be interactive and feel alive to the players, unlike Mafia 3, where several mindless pedestrians walk the streets. The world should be full of pedestrians doing various kinds of activities like buying hot dogs from vendors sitting at the benches or having an argument with each other similar to Mafia 2

(Concept) the picture is from GTA iv

The world should be filled with activities similar to GTA Series, like going to different clothing stores and ammunition stores to bars. This should make the game a lot more immersive. The pictures given below are just an example of how it would look.

Max Payne RebootMax Payne RebootMax Payne RebootMax Payne Reboot





These ideas would make an awesome 3rd person action-adventure game with a mix of open-world gameplay to it. However, developing this game would surely cost a fortune as ideas or concepts discussed in this article resemble many renowned games like GTA and LA Noir. Let me know in the comments if you would like to play a max Payne game with these concepts.

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