How to Port oldrim mods to Skyrim Se

How to Port Mods From Oldrim to Skyrim Se


How to Port Mods From Oldrim to Skyrim Se

How to Port Mods From Skyrim to Skyrim Se
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Skyrim is known for its Vast and diverse modding community, and this game is full of awesome mods. Skyrim was released on November 11, 2011. However, despite having such a big community of modders, the game is plagued with Crashes freezes which drastically ruins the experience of fellow gamers. Hence, Bethesda released a new version of the game Skyrim Special Edition On June 4, 2016, which is much more mod-friendly and much more optimized. So I came up with this guide on How to Port Mods From Oldrim to Skyrim Se.

However, Oldrim mods will not be there unless its author decides to port it for Skyrim SE. So for such reasons, we are missing out on some of the great mods in Skyrim SE only because The authors/modders moved on or abandoned the project, so it’s up to us to port old mods from Oldrim to Skyrim SE.

An example of how to convert a mod from Oldrim into Skyrim Se

Command Dragon – Ultimate Dragon Riding is one of my favourite mods that allows you to control your dragon and fly to any location you want; moreover, you can also control certain aspects of the dragon combat like grabbing an enemy or shooting fireballs at will.

I got it working perfectly on SE, the same way as le everything, including the MCM; however, you will need some software which is essential for porting mods SSE creation kit you will have to download it from Bethesda Launcher, and you need to sign up (I know it is annoying ) However it is only for the first time then you can generally enter creation kit like oldrim. However, you will need another software Cathedral Assets Optimizer.

Steps to Follow

1. Download and extract this mod manually somewhere. (Alternatively, if you use mo2, download it through the mod manager, install it, and enable it as you would any other mod.)

2. Close your mod manager, open cathedral assets optimizer (CAO)

3. Set profile to “SSE” in CAO

4. Select “Open directory”, navigate where you extracted the files from this mod archive, and press “Select folder”. For example, if you already installed and enabled it using MO2, the path should be something like this “Mo2 base directory/mods/Command Dragon – Ultimate Dragon Riding”, which is in your MO2 mods folder.

5. Now, if you are using Vortex, then don’t install the mod instead extract it to some other folder and then open the directory in CAO, then navigate to that folder where you extracted its contents, then do as I say

6. Under the “BSA” section in CAO, tick everything.

7. In the “Meshes” section, select”Process meshes”, “Full optimization”, “Always process head parts”, and “Resave meshes.”

8. “Textures” section, tick “Process textures”, “Necessary Optimization”, “Compress Textures”

9. Under the “Animations” section, tick “Necessary Optimization.”
How to Port oldrim mods to Skyrim Se


10. After you are done with all the above steps, press the run button and then close the application
11. Then go to the folder where you extracted the mod, Select all the files except the archive (if its there) then archive those files
12 Finally, drag that archive into the mods section of Vortex and install the mod. After enabling the mod Open up Creation Kit
13.  After installing the creation kit for Se, launch it. (If you use MO2, launch creation kit through mo2) watch this video on how to convert the esp file to form 44.
14. After launching the Creation kit, just select that mod and enter into any actors section, choose any NPC, then simply save and you are done it is optimized.
15. By now, you should be familiar with LOOT run it, then run any FNIS or Nemesis and generate animations, that’s all.

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