How To Get Community Creations On Cracked Versions Of WWE 2k22

How To Get Community Creations On Cracked Versions Of WWE 2k22:

Community Creations
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It’s been a long since we received an excellent WWE game; as the developers said, this game hits different. With its gameplay mechanics and graphics, it’s night and day compared to WWE 2k20. However, this game sure has its flaws and needs work, but there’s no denying that it is much better than its predecessors. The WWE series has one thing in common that is Community creation. I’ll discuss how to get Community Creations On Cracked Versions Of WWE 2k22 in this article.

Community Creations
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Why You Need Community Creation

Community Creation is, of course, one of the essential parts of WWE games because there are always some wrestlers that you want to be in your WWE universe but isn’t; maybe they have joined other wrestling brand like AEW, where many superstars likeĀ  Sting, Chris Jericho or Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) left WWE and joined AEW, which is why we will have to download them from various creators to fill the void. However, the creations are very promising, and you can literally get any superstar as the community is very dedicated and gamers are creating Caws from all around the world. Of course, its cross-platform creation is enabled.

How To Access Community Creations in WWE 2k22

How To Get Community Creations On Cracked Versions Of WWE 2k22
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Go to Online Section, then Community Creations, and then Download in WWE 2K22 to get Community Creations.

Here you can see everything that gamers from all 2K22 platforms (as long as you have cross-platform enabled and PlayStation Plus) have published for you to download. You may vote on your favorites and add creators to your favorites list to discover what else they’ve created.

Players may search for anything they want, including AEW wrestlers like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, then filter by most recent, most downloaded, and most upvoted. After downloading them, you may play as AEW wrestlers in exhibition modes, and you can also download AEW wrestlers.

Way Get Community Creations on Cracked Version In WWE 2k22

If you bought the game on ps4 or Ps5, you would not need to stress and follow the steps above, and you are good to go; that applies even to PC players who bought the games on steam but people who are playing it on pirated versions like Codex or Elamigos they need this Hack.

1. Firstly, You will need to download an updated version of WWE 2k22 as there will be many bugs that are fixed; a link is given right here.
2. After updating the game to the latest version, copy these files to the directory folder (i.e., The installation folder). The link is right here!!

How To Get Community Creations On Cracked Versions Of WWE 2k22


However, the game will run smoothly, but you might face some crashes here and there depending on your PC specifications. A point to be noted is the more caws arenas or images you download, the probability of crashes will increase, so my advice would be to keep it at a minimum basically download arenas or caws that you like and need.

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