GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Review

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition Review

Gta Vice city definitive edition
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GTA Vice City was released back in 2002 by Rockstars its one of the classics of the Grand Theft Auto series and the foundation of its successors. This game made our childhood extraordinary and memorable Recently; Rockstars released The GTA trilogy Definitive Edition had a difficult launch. The trilogy pack combines GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas. It is a port of Grove Street to Unreal Engine. Trilogy releases on 11 November 2021. So I came up with a review of GTA Vice City Definitive Edition.

Gta Vice city definitive edition
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The remaster packs received quite a backlash on the PC platform from the fans due to many glitches and bugs, which I will mention in later paragraphs. It’s important to remember the difference between a remaster and a remake. I hope many of you are acquainted with those terms. If not, let me provide a short description of those,

A remake is when a game is made from scratch, meaning every little asset will be remade from the bottom while keeping true to the original game; a fine example would be The Mafia Definitive Edition, whereas a remaster is the polishing of the textures and lightings making it much more lucrative while being the replica of the original. So we cant expect it to look like a GTA V version of Vice City. I’ll be discussing the pros and cons of the game.

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition: Pros

1. Graphics

Gta Vice city definitive edition
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The graphics and textures look astonishing, and the lightings are very accurate for example, the interior lights can be seen upon entering a car, the picture above shows the depth of the shadows cast on the walls, which is a nice touch and on the exterior we get to see the vice city at a much more improved lighting and textures.

2.  New Gameplay Features

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Rockstar didn’t leave us with only graphical improvements; they also added various gameplay changes similar to GTA V. Now, we can aim and shoot at enemies while on foot, and that goes for all the remastered games, not only Vice City. Moreover, the map and blips are also changed, and it mimics the interface of GTA V, which gives a much more new-gen vibe to the game.

Like GTA V, upon failing a mission, we will get to retry from the latest checkpoint, which is very handy and keeps players from the dilemma of going to locations for repeating the task can be frustrating. On top of that, the OG games don’t have any taking cover system, so it’s pretty challenging compared to GTA V.

3. Character models

 model comparison
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The character models received mixed reviews from their fans, so it depends on personal preference so; in general, perspective characters have much more life into them, their facial expressions are much improved from their original game, the emotions are much more visible. Of course, it won’t be the same as the HD universe of GTA, but as a remastered version, I think they did a fair amount of good work in GTA Vice City.

GTA Vice City Definitive Edition: Cons

There are many cons to this game, as its a new game there are only a number of mods whereas the original game has tons of mods and much more versatile meaning you can shape the of the game as your preferences but with this game its gonna take a whole lot of time for the modders to make mods and refurbish the game and as for the other cons ill leave a link of the video showing all kinds of cons


The game is of course a joy ride for newbie players and for the OG gamers as it will serve as a perfect nostalgic game with much more enhanced graphics and as for the bugs its will be fixed with updates and patches and I’m sure the game will have a vast community of modders who will make awesome mods which surely make the game much more immersive.

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