GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition Review

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition Review

Gta San andreas definitive edition
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GTA San Andreas was released back on October 26, 2004, by Rockstars its one of the classics of the Grand Theft Auto series and the foundation of its successors. This game made our childhood memories. This game is still being played by millions of gamers even after GTA V.  Rockstars released The GTA trilogy Definitive Edition which is, of course, the remastered version of all three OG trilogy. So I came up with a review of GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.

Gta San andreas definitive edition
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GTA San Andreas is one of the most successful Rockstar Games titles. Many players were excited about GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition, which features polished graphics and controls.

Rockstar Games has worked on improving its classic game to meet modern graphic standards. There have been numerous graphical enhancements implemented in the game. They have enabled features such as ray tracing to provide more realistic lighting and improve the game’s overall quality.

They did manage to improve the textures a lot. It looks night and day but still received mixed reviews; however, It’s essential to know the difference between a remake and a remaster. A remake is when a game is made from scratch, meaning every little asset will be remade from the bottom while keeping true to the original game; a fine example would be The Mafia Definitive Edition, whereas a remaster is the polishing of the textures and lightings making it much more lucrative while providing the authentic atmosphere with the original game.

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition: Pros

1. Graphics 

GTA Sanadreas Graphics

Rockstar did a fine job at remastering this game; the roads the cars look amazing, and the lightings of the game are top-notch; the skies look improved compared to its original its fun to roam the streets of Grove streets with improved visuals, which sure does hit players with its dose of nostalgia. However, there are many bugs and glitches which will be fixed with future patches and updates

2. Added Features

Gta San andreas definitive edition
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The drive-by shooting is much more fluid now; there’s no need to turn the camera sideways. You can just press the shoot button, and CJ will shoot in the direction of enemies. It’s pretty convenient.

GPS Minimap

Gta San andreas definitive edition
Gps Map

Rockstar added the GPS minimap to the GTA San Andreas, similar to GTA V, Which adds much more fluidity to the navigation for the players; they no longer have to go to the pause menu and access map. This feature is included in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. Players who have memorized the map will not need it, but it is helpful for any newcomer playing the legendary game for the first time. It also works for the waypoint.

Weapon wheel

GTA 5 fans frequently praise the game’s numerous quality-of-life features. Unsurprisingly, including some of them improves GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition over the original. The Weapon Wheel is essentially a feature that allows players to select any weapon from a wheel menu.
It’s helpful because they don’t have to memorize a specific order when manually cycling through weapons to find it. Furthermore, it slows time, so players with slow reactions have a better chance of pulling out the right gun.

Restart From Checkpoint

The way failing missions worked in GTA San Andreas was one of the most obvious flaws for modern gamers. Back then, if a player failed a mission, they had to return to the mission marker. It took time, which wasn’t fun or interesting in the least (especially for the more challenging missions). Fortunately, in the Definitive Edition, this has been completely removed. In GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition, players are prompted to restart the game. They will restart from a checkpoint if they click “Confirm.” As a result, it eliminates one of the game’s most serious flaws.

GTA San Andreas  Definitive Edition: Cons

Compared to other remastered packs this game is filled with bugs and glitches which will be fixed by modders and Rockstar I’m sure. Furthermore, the game has only a few mods compared to the original. there are more of the cons that is shown in the video given below



GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition sure does have a number of flaws but as time goes by it will be vastly improved by the modders. Furthermore there’s no denying that this game has much more potential of being graphically enhanced by mods so after a year or so it can be expected that there will be much more awesome mods which will surely make the game much more enjoyable

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