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Green Arrow Game

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Green Arrow Game (Concept)

Green Arrow Game
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Arrow is one of the most popular TV series based on DC Comics. Over the years, we got to play many Batman games starting from Batman Arkham Asylum to Arkham Knight. Now, these games were incredible on their own, but I think it’s time that we experience something different, something new. So I came up with some ideas about a Green Arrow game that could be a massive hit.

Warner Bros made a lot of Batman games moreover there’s also another upcoming game named Gotham Knights, which is an action role-playing video game based on DC Comics which is under development; however, I was not too fond of the RPG mechanism of the game, and I believe they could do far better with a Green Arrow game. So without further adieu, let’s begin.

Green Arrow similarity with Batman

Green Arrow game
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  •  Both have high tech gadgets at their disposal
  • highly trained in martial arts
  • Ra’s al Ghul trained both
  •  Similar hideouts (Batcave and Arrowcave )
  • Both are millionaires


The gameplay is, of course, one of the most vital aspects when it comes to Video games, especially today where competition is sky-high. Insomniac did an excellent job with the new spiderman games, so the gameplay mechanics should be top-notch. However, Rocksteady Studios combat mechanics is the foundation of Sleeping dogs or Spiderman as Batman Arkham Asylum inspired these games.

Green Arrow game
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Rocksteady could use the old assets from Arkham games and use them after a little polish and keep the combat style similar to the Arkham series but with many changes in the move set and animations. Even though both Batman and Green Arrow are identical, their combat style is different as Batman fights with fists whereas Olliver brings bows into the combat, which is unique on its own

So combat style should be similar to Arkham series counter-attacks dodge and arrows attack similar to Batarang like pressing triangle (ps4) or Y(Xbox) should enable players to shoot arrows at a speed which is a trademark move of Green Arrow.

Green Arrow Sidekicks

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However, I have some suggestions which might make the game much more immersive, unlike batman arrow after season 1; he takes one of his sidekicks on almost every mission so we could implement it here, giving the players the option to take on some sidekicks which will add a nice change of pace from solo missions similar to Skyrim where we are free to choose our followers and do certain quests or go on alone. An example with video given down below


Similar to Batman, Arrow possesses a variety of vehicles to traverse along with the world, as shown in the comics and Arrow Tv Series. However, as Green Arrow resides in Starlin City so free roam should come hand in hand with it, and arrow should be given a bike to explore the city more, preferably the Ducati Diavel bike that is used in the series.


As the green arrow stealth gameplay will chime in nicely into the game and it would be awesome to pull off various stealth missions with sidekicks and a variety of gadgets at your disposal. Secondly, Green Arrow is very agile infiltrating buildings with his acrobatic parkour moves would look and feel extraordinary to play with

Green Arrow Weapons

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Players shall have a set of gadgets and weapons at disposal as the green arrow is equipped with advanced gadgets and projectiles to aid his crusade.

  • Arrow (non-lethal) to knock enemies silently or can be used in mid-combat
  • Arrow launcher (similar to grapple launcher) to climb buildings or pull of enemies to close range
  • Explosive arrows to distract enemies or knock out multiple enemies at once
  • Distraction arrow= Upon triggering, it will make sounds that can attract enemies to a specific location. Many other Smoke tear gas arrows should be there
  • The All-seeing Eyes (binoculars that allow the user to see in the dark)


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As the green arrow is the protector of Starlin City, the game should feature an open world map where players can free roam to their heart’s content. The buildings need to be similar to Arkham verse, meaning accessible to players. The world should be lively, meaning pedestrians and traffics should be there. Roaming the streets of Starlin city with bikes would feel awesome.

It should also be filled with gang members dealing drugs, mugging in the alleys, which could serve as side quests. Moreover, it could also feature other collectables and challenges with rewards like different costumes for the player and the sidekicks.


Green Arrow
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When it comes to video games, formidable enemies are essential its partly why WB is struggling to make a good Superman game. There are many formidable enemies in Arrowverse, which are pretty tough, Tommy Merlyn and Deathstroke, for example, so that we could have such characters as main villains, and there are other gang leaders who could feature gang fights similar to Arkham games.

Many factions could work Chinese triads false face society Sange or Deathstroke gang to name a few which will have various types of enemies e.g. Martial artists, Brutes, ranged types and many more.





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