Tips and trick For Elden Ring You Must Know as a Beginner

Elden Ring Tips and tricks
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Elden Ring Tips and Tricks You Must Know as a Beginner

The studio’s best work, Elden Ring is the biggest game From Software has ever created. It is packed with challenges and secrets around every corner. So I came up with some Elden Ring Tips and tricks for new players because I recognize how intimidating the renowned developer’s releases can be to a newcomer and want to help you make the most of your journey to The Lands Between.

Play The Tutorial

You might want to skip the Elden Ring tutorial. After all, a fantastic world awaits your exploration. Don’t ignore the tutorial, though. You will learn how to use incantations, counterattacks with a sword and shield, stealth takedowns, and many other fundamentals like the two-handed weapon stance, which is necessary to use the special skills known as Arts of War, in less than five minutes.

The Stranded Graveyard, the cave where you awaken at the start of the game, is where you can find the Elden Ring tutorial. Climb down the rock face and start your ascent; there is a spirit sitting in a chair on the edge of a precipice.


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Consider A Particular Build

Levelling systems are now a common feature in many popular games as a result of the rise in popularity of the action-RPG genre in recent years. The lack of depth in some of these levelling systems, however, leads to players choosing their levels carelessly.

However, this is a fatal mistake in Elden Ring because every levelling decision is important and requires careful consideration. Moreover, since they cover a variety of playstyles, simply levelling every stat evenly is a bad idea in the game. Instead, players should have a specific build in mind from the very beginning of the game and make sure that all of their class, equipment, and levelling decisions support that playstyle.

Be More Evasive 

Given the abundance of shields in Elden Ring, new players may be excused for thinking that they are a necessity for melee builds. Although they undoubtedly have their uses, rolling is a far superior defensive strategy for individuals with quick reflexes and an eye for patterns.

Rolling through enemy attacks creates counterattacking opportunities and stops the player from suffering the severe stamina losses that come with blocking strong enemy attacks, which can cause the player to lose their posture and become vulnerable to an incoming hit. Players can also two-hand their weapon and deal more damage without a shield.

Try Upgrading Your Weapons 

The best way to advance at Elden Ring is to upgrade your weapons in addition to observing and learning about the environment around you. When fighting early bosses like Margit The Fell Omen, your weapon level has a significant impact on the amount of damage you deal. In the early hours, go to the Church of Elleh and use the anvil next to the wandering merchant to upgrade your weapon. To upgrade armaments and equip or duplicate new weapon skills, you must first visit the Roundtable Hold (unlocked by completing the main objective) and speak to Blacksmith Hewg.

Smithing Stones can level up common weapons to 25 while special Smithing Stones can level up special weapons to 10. In any case, to find these resources, you’ll need to explore the environment or loot enemies. I promise you’ll be glad to see them.

Discover New Flask Upgrades

Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears, these two items used to upgrade your reusable flasks at Sites of Lost Grace, can be found while exploring The Lands Between. Minor Erd Trees, tiny saplings that glow with a gold hue, are accompanied by Golden Seeds, and Sacred Tears are found in various churches strewn throughout the world. While Sacred Tears increase the amount each flask replenishes, Golden Seeds increase the number of flask charges you have.

By taking a break at any Site of Grace, you can redistribute your flask charges as you please. I typically dedicate all of my flask charges to the Flask of Crimson Tears for health regeneration because my strength builds only needs a small number of focus points, the resource used for magic abilities and incantations. Charges should be set to the Flask of Cerulean Tears, which restores focus points if you use magic frequently.


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