Cricket 19 Bowling Tips and Tricks

Cricket 19 Bowling Tips and Tricks

Cricket 19 Review
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Cricket 19 is of course one of the most realistic cricket game one could ever play it’s truly one of the phenomenal cricket simulators with a large community of players who are constantly creating players, stadiums umpires etc. However, the tutorial of the game is pretty elementary so I came up with Cricket 19 Bowling Tips and Tricks

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The training section of the game only shows which button to press and what they do which is a no-brainer Cricket 19 fails to deliver more in-depth tutorials and guidance about how the bowling deliveries would be much more effective.

Cricket 19 Tips and Tricks


The above picture shows the length of the pitch and the buttons signifies where the ball will land, if you have already played the training mode of this game you will know there are L1 and R1 buttons which allow you to choose to select the length even further.

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pressing L1 will land the ball a little downward than the actual length of the pitch of any chosen length like Yorker Full or Good as the picture shows, and vice versa for the R1 button  however you will have to press the L1 or R1 button prior delivering and choosing the length (press L1 + B/O to drop the ball even down the pitch)

Cricket 19 Tips and Tricks

However, keep in mind when choosing the line upon bowling make sure you don’t steer too much on the left or right as it might result in a wide ball, its only given that the opposition team will find some way to score a six or fours so you will have to be patient.

The key is to focus on fielding too, a combination of effective fielding and bowling will get you a win. However its of course not easy to get all the wickets as long as you can hold them from scoring repeated six or fours you are good to go. As a matter of fact, we rarely see an all-out win in real-life cricket matches.

Cricket 19 Bowling Deliveries Tips

  • Outswing Delivery Normal Angle= Between 10-12 O clock is the ideal outswing delivery, the key here is that the ball swings in the air because of the seam angle towards the slips.
  • such deliveries should be played between 10-12 O clock.
  • Outswing Delivery Swing off the pitch= Another variation within this outswing delivery is the seam position between 6-8 O clock, you get the balls to release straight.
  • Outswing Delivery Reverse Swinging Angles = So this is a delivery I personally like bowling because with this sweam angle the ball has a position of an inswinger but the ball goes away feels realistic.
  • Inswing Delivery = Similar to Outswing variation of this seam position is between 4-6 O clock, it gives you the delivery that pitches straight and then swings in after pitching.
  • Slower Delivery Normal = This is basically back-of-hand delivery similar to standard delivery but slower.
  • Slower Delivery with Seam Angles Variation = Seam movement in this deviates to the same direction as the seam positions but at a slower place effective in Shorter lines.

Cricket 19 Bowling tips

  • Experiment with more Seam positions its fun and you never know what surprises the game holds.
  • Use angles for jump and Releases, for example when you want to pitch the ball on off stuff bowling to left hander over the wicket then jump ar 5-6 O Clock and release between 12-1 O Clock
  • For Outswingers Jump at 5-6 and release between 11-12
  • For inswingers jump at 6-7 o’clock and release between 11-12
  • Seam Deliveries Should be jumped at 6-7 o’clock and release between 11-12.

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