Best Mods For Mafia Definitive Edition

Best Mods For Mafia Definitive Edition

Mafia Definitive Edition Mods
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Hangar 13 and 2K Games released Mafia: Definitive Edition in 2020. It’s an action-adventure game. It is the fourth main entry in the Mafia series and a recreation of the 2002 video game Mafia. Mafia Definitive Edition is one of my top ten Favorite Pc Games, and it has one of the best-looking worlds in the Mafia Series. However, it has some Flaws like every other game we play. However, it can be fixed with some Awesome Mafia Definitive Edition Mods.

However, You will need to buy it on STEAM or Epic Store as you will need Scripthook DE, which doesn’t support Codex or any other pirated versions. A tutorial video is given below if you need it, though I suggest following the second method as it supports a more extended range of mods.

You can Get Game Guides: The Digital Gaming.

Mafia Definitive Edition Mods Needed To Make It Great Again

Even though this game was remade from the ground up, from the Buildings to Cars, Characters, etc., there are some features that the fans of the legacy versions come to love that are missing, limiting the player’s experience some of the nifty mods can redeem.

1. Trams and Trolley

Mafia Definitive Edition MODS
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Players who played the original version from 2002 will know that we were able to get up on trains and trams to get to different parts of the city, which had a charm of its own. Still, this feature was removed from the Remake, which would have made the game much more immersive, considering the newly polished Texture and visuals. The link is given here

2. Train Rides

Mafia Definitive Edition MODS
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Another public transportation that we could use back in Mafia 1 was Trains. We no longer needed to steal a car but take a walk and get on a train. With Mafia DE, we are missing out as the world is filled with lively pedestrians communicating with each other vendors selling and advertising their products is a sight to see on your way to catching a train. Mod Link.

3. Free Ride Deluxe

Mafia Definitive Edition MODS
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When it comes to free ride, the game shines here with this mod as you are given the liberty to shoot people up, cause as much mayhem as you like, and drive any car that the game has to offer; however, without this mod, the game wouldn’t have reached its true potential This single mod changed the whole game and added way more than what was removed I will list everything that this mod has to offer in short.

Restore the content of the story
Lost Heaven’s story-exclusive interiors and sections are now open to the public – filled interiors; 400+ Peds restored/added

– More than 80 vehicle spawn places

– Characters in the story spawn in their homes/hangouts.


Apartments, residences, and hotel rooms are available across the county.

– Use your Garage and Wardrobe, clear your desired level, regain health and ammo, and save your clothing and weapons.

– Should you die get arrested or restart the game it will respawn you at the last Safehouse you visit.

Services for Phones

Call from any phonebooth in the city:

– A Taxi to Get Around Quickly

– A Back-Up Friend

– Ralph, in charge of vehicle delivery

– Vincenzo is in charge of weapon delivery.

Allies and foes

– Bodyguards are friends. From a phonebooth, dial one.

– Morellos and Federal Agents keep an eye on the enemy’s land.


– Every launch has different timing and weather.


These are some of the mods that I Strongly Recommend installing as they will completely revamp the game and make for an immersive action-adventure game.


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