Best Castlevania Mods For Skyrim

Best Castlevania Mods For Skyrim

Best Castlevania Mods For Skyrim
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Castlevania was, of course, one of the most popular series in the nineties brought by Konami. The Castlevania Franchise ended with Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, and we didn’t get any new instalments of the series So, I came up with Some of the Best Castlevania Mods For Skyrim

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With Skyrim, You can do a lot more than the original games, You can easily Roleplay as Alucard or Dracula himself and explore the whole Tamriel as Gabriel Belmont or Alucard with their own traversal abilities which will I will discuss down below.

Castlevania style Combat Cross

Best Castlevania Mods For Skyrim
Image source-Google| Nexus mods

As The name suggests, this mod introduces the Classic Whips into the Skyrim that the traditional vampires or Belmonts used back in Castlevania Games; this mod is essential whether you plan on playing with Alucard or Gabriel, as both the characters used one of these. Alucard(as human) had on of these. Mod Link

However You will Have to Add enchantment in the game before you get the effects chains hitting your enemies or else you will see invisible whip hitting them.


How to apply the “Magic Whip” enchantment to the Combat Cross   Go to the enchantment table to use them once you have Magic Whip enchantments (an arcane enchanter).

-Use any previous enchantments you have to enchant the Combat Cross.

-Whenever an enchantment adds more than two points of power (one step before the minimum of enchant bar).

Alucard From LOS 2

Alucard in Skyrim
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Alucard is the son of Dracula (Gabriel Belmont) from the Lords of Shadow series As You can see with this mod You can get the exact skin from the Castlevania Los game the mod gives you the carbon copy model for Alucard; the link of the mod is here; however, you will have to open up console command pressing the ~ key and type Showracemenu then change your race to Alucard and you are done

CL’s Crissaegrim

Skyrim Alucard Sword Mod
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This Mod compliments the above Alucard Race Mod as this mod allows you to play with Crissaegrim that Alucard uses in the Castlevania 2 DLC. This sword is one of the unique swords available on nexus; even if you are not a fan of Castlevania, you can still use this sword for your character but a must-have if you want to play as Alucard.

Bat Travel

Skyrim Mod Guide
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If You have Played the Revelations DLC of Los 2 then you may have noticed that Alucard traverse around the world by transforming himself into a swarm of bats and goes from one place to another however, this mod is vital when it comes to free roaming as Alucard in Skyrim you can literally fly around the Skyrim However You will have to be a Vampire Lord if you want to get this spell.

Dracula Armor 

Best Castlevania Mods For Skyrim
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This is by far the most accurate version of Dracula Armor From Los 2, which is  a fine addition to Skyrim and a big thanks to the modders who tirelessly work to create such awesome mods that enhance our gaming experiences However this mod gives you the armor, you will have to create Gabriel Belmont on your own though. However you will need the combat cross mod above as Gabriel always used a whip in Castlevania games.

Mist Flight 

Best Castlevania Mods For Skyrim
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If you are a Castlevania fan, you will know Dracula transforms himself into a dark mist to traverse around the world now this mod is mandatory if you want to play as the Dracula and free roam the world this mod enables players to fly in any area even the ones that comes with mods Faalskar for example. Get this mod here 

However this mod may not be available in The SE version of Skyrim so Follow my Tutorial on Mod Conversion between LE to SE right here

Caslevania Dracula Castle 

Best Castlevania Mods For Skyrim
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This Mod is a Castlevania-inspired Castle mod which can also teleport, similar to the Netflix adaptation of the series this is a player home mod with a lot of features :

Mod Link 

  • adds a sizable castle that is now mobile across from Solitude’s docks
  • Optional quest
  • Custom music with songs from the Castlevania video game and themes from scary movies.
    Fight bats, foglings, enthralled minions, and different undead varieties.
  • Unless “The Count” is killed, enemies in the castle will respawn.
  • It can then be used as a player home.
  • mannequins and display cases in the armoury
  • paintings in a gallery with a horror theme (no gore)

These Mods are Some of the Best Castlevania Mods For Skyrim that you can download and combine some of your own, like monster mods that are available on Nexus.

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