Assassins creed Unity Review

Assassins Creed Unity: Review in 2021

Assassins creed unity review
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Assassins creed unity is around 7 years old by now. Ubisoft published Unity back on November 11 2014. upon release, the game received quite a backlash from its fans as it was filled with bugs, glitches and other performance issues. So I will be discussing how is Assassins Creed Unity in 2021

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Since its release, players have found loads of entertaining bugs and glitches like NPCs randomly appearing in places, Arno going places where he shouldn’t be. Sometimes, it shows the horrors of what happens when textures don’t load like the image above this article. Furthermore, the game had a lot of frame rate issues where many players reported the game was lagging even with the most strong hardware.

Assassins creed unity review
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However, Ubisoft released many patches to rectify their mistakes over the years, but as the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. Even though fans were disappointed with the seventh instalment of the series due to bugs and glitches, others liked it for its graphics, which was way ahead of its time. We still miss the parkour system of Unity that is missing even in the most recent series releases; Assassins creed Vallhalla.


Assassins creed unity gameplay:

The gameplay of Assassins creed unity is unique to its series. The movement is smooth and fluid than the other series; the parkour mechanics are fantastic. To begin with, it’s the first game in the series, which introduced the ascending and descending mechanics to climbing and going through the windows inside the buildings.

Assassins creed unity review
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The stealth mechanics of the game is also outstanding. The phantom and berserk blades work well. And for the first (and the last, sadly) time in an AC, you can equip two items simultaneously; that is, you can have a bomb type and a ranged weapon equipped at one time. So no more going through menus for changing or switching weapons. The AI is also usually OK if sometimes a bit clunky (that’s Unity for you). If you understand its systems and know how you use it, Stealth is a marvel in Unity.

The game does a fine job at making you think and feel like an assassin; in almost every mission, you will have to improvise and find out the opportunities that are available in many places, you can steal keys and sneak into the building or find a broken window to get inside, or you can just run-up to the target and assassinate your target.


Assassins creed unity review
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Ubisoft made a lot of changes with the combat comparing to its predecessors. The combat style with previous games was smooth and easy. Still, with Unity, they decided to make the combat a lot tougher basically; killing 4 to 5 enemies with Ezio or Edward was a piece of cake. Still, in Unity, if you are not careful enough, you will die with an instant kill move by soldiers. However, the combat style of this game is a bit slow and sluggish.


Assassins Creed Unity features full assassin customization, allowing players to choose their skills, weapons, armour, and outfits across single-player and multiplayer. Moreover, they actually included a lot of legacy outfits starting from Altair to Edward, unlike the recent instalment of the series.

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Equipment Customization is broken into seven parts: Colors, Head, Chest, Forearms, Waist, Legs and Outfits. Players can choose between a variety of swords, rifles, greatswords, or lances.

Assassins Creed Unity: Co-op

The game multiplayer is rather unique in the series and is a feature that would be great to see a return to the Assassin’s Creed franchise though it wouldn’t work with the current instalment of the series. Players can revisit Unity to play it online as it provides a different experience compared to previous games.


As we all know there’s an ongoing stigma between fans with RPG styled Assassins creed game, many fans are angry with Ubisoft as they took a more RPG-style approach towards its series inspired by The Witcher 3:The Wild Hunt, which is why I recommend them to revisit Assassins creed unity as the game has, of course, improved in terms of stability as many of the game’s problems were fixed with updates.

Furthermore, the prices are low if you haven’t played it or want to play it again consider buying it as its $29.99 on PS store

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