A Vampire RPG Game in 2021 (Concept)

Game concept


It’s been a long since we had an excellent vampire RPG game, ever since Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines. So I came up with some ideas about making a good vampire RPG game in this generation. These are all my personal opinion. You could have different perspectives on this concept of how a vampire game should be. So here are my ideas regarding various aspects of an awesome vampire game.


Let’s talk about gameplay as it’s the lifeblood of a game, and it should be very appealing to gamers as it is 2021. The gaming experience has been sky high compared to games in the last ten years as there are many game engines like UNITY and RAGE and many more. As players will be playing as vampires, they should feel like powerful superhuman beings who can lift cars, throw at their enemies, and run at the speed of the wind, hitting enemies with fists and sending them flying. The gameplay should be similar to Prototype or Saints row 4, meaning the gameplay should feature grabbing civilian/humanoid enemies and killing them with different finishing moves like snapping necks, breaking bones, or simply tearing enemies limb to limb, or merely draining them to the last drop of blood. Gameplay mechanics should be similar to the Prototype series, As shown in the picture below.

Vampire kill move concept

Free-roaming is mandatory as it’s an RPG game, and players should roam around the whole map. Now let’s talk about other vampiric abilities which will contribute to the gameplay that will make the game more immersive. As vampires are powerful supernatural creatures, they should jump very high and climb buildings and tall structures of the World. However, there should be many other races to play with, so the vampires who took a traditional approach like Dracula should be able to turn themselves into a bat and traverse across the buildings and roads. However, the vampires who are similar to modern Vampires that we see in movies and series like Twilight or Vampire diaries will have to use their speed and other jumping abilities to traverse the map similar to Alex Mercer from The Prototype, or they could use other forms of transportations like taxi or train as a means of fast travel like Spiderman. Players will also have many other abilities, which we will discuss in the Payer ability section.


One of the most fundamental aspects of a good RPG game is The world itself, meaning how the environment is and the atmosphere. The game should take place around 2016. As it’s an RPG game, the world should be massive, which should provide players with a big world to explore and interact with. As the pictures below, Chicago from Watch Dogs could be a fine example of a lucrative and interactive world.

A landmark from Watch dogs
City life

Moreover, there should be forests and wilderness outside the city where a variety of creatures reside. Creatures like vampires of different clans and werewolves. I will discuss these in the Enemy types section of this article. The Forest and hills would make it even more immersive for the players.

Riverwood from skyrim


Customization of players
An example from saints row the third

As a vampire, players cannot simply go on a killing spree like in Grand Theft Auto games as there will be many factors that they will have to adhere by. Firstly there will be Law enforcement which will be a trouble to deal with. On top of that, this vampire world will be a secret to the mundane world, and certain groups and organizations will kill off any feral vampires that violate the rules. Such organizations will be run by Elder vampires who are in charge of keeping vampires a secret. So players will have to blend in with humans. They will have many outlets at their disposal. They shall have various clothing stores and barbers to customize their character’s appearance to blend right in with the human world. The Customization Should be like in Saints Row The Third vast and highly customizable.

Now, as vampires players will need to feed, they can’t simply go out in public and rip someone’s head off; they need to be subtle and stealthy. They will have a plethora of ways to get blood. Players will have many vampiric abilities like vampiric gaze or vampiric embrace to hypnotize its victims and drink their fill. On the other hand, they could buy off blood bags from various dealers all over the city or secretly bribe some doctors or nurses to get a blood bag. The abilities mentioned above can be quite handy in dealing with shopkeepers and people, like the previous Vampire, the masquerade bloodlines game where vampires could use such abilities to get by and have their own ways.

Player Abilities 

Players will have many different abilities and powers to choose from. Verily the powers will solely depend on the races they choose from. Traditional vampires will be better equipped with spells like hypnotism and other traversal abilities like turning into a bat and fly. In contrast, vampires like Edward and Stefan will be more likely to traverse around using their vampiric speed and other acrobatic skills. There are lists of vampiric abilities that players can choose they are:

Celerity: When triggered, it slows down the world except for the player, and it enables players to take down multiple enemies at once or simply escape from enemies; however, it could be ineffective against certain vampires and werewolves, which are very powerful.

Animalism: It’s an ability when triggered, it transforms players into a more bestial form of the vampire, getting claws and teeth out, instilling  fear into the enemies, and wreaking havoc upon the enemies

Inspiration from early vampire movies
Gerry damdrige from fright night

Vampiric trance: It’s an ability that  works both in combat and also while interacting with certain NPCs, an ability similar to AXII from Witcher 3

Invisibility: As the name suggests, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It could be useful in many situations when evading or in a stealth mission or in combat.

Enemy types: As players will be playing as vampires, they will have many abilities and spell at their disposal, so there should be enemies who can actually put up a fight, unlike The Prototype, where there’s little to no competition.


There should be enemy werewolves that should reside in jungles and hilly areas. whereas some who can shapeshift at will may be among humans to find out about vampire hideouts and whereabouts of other master vampires.  These werewolves should be similar to The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Vampire enemy type
Werewolf types





These are my opinions of how a vampire RPG game should be in 2021. It surely would be awesome if any game developer created a game similar to this article. If you think it’s worth give it a read and let me know in the comments about your opinions.

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