10 Best Open World Stealth Games

10 Best Open World Stealth Games

Best Stealth Game
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The Stealth genre is of course, one of the most popular gaming genres that people have come to know and love; this particular genre began with a Sega arcade game 005 dating back to 1981, since then many game companies have produced a variety of Stealth Games like Prince Of Persia, Assasins creed Metal Gear Series and many more. There are many excellent titles that are worth playing today, So I came up with 10 Best Open World Stealth Games that You can play.

However, These are some of the awesome stealth games. In my opinion, you may have something different to this lists, so without further adieu Lets Being.

Open World Stealth Games List

10. Assassins Creed Syndicate

Top Ten Open World Stealth Game
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Although all the franchise titles are similar and somewhat better than this game, this game has one of the best open worlds, in my opinion and provides a variety of Stealth Mechanics that other titles of this franchise don’t possess. Excellent Graphics combined with a fantastic world sure does make an incredible stealth game experience

However, the game is not perfect, and the Ai is stupid, and the combat system was hated by its fans, but this game, I believe, is somewhat underrated.

9. Ghost of Tsushima

Top Ten Open World Stealth Game
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Ghost of Tsushima is a Playstation Exclusive, produced by the sucker punch productions; it is a beautiful open-world game with engaging combat with excellent stealth mechanics combined with a lot of variety in gameplay. It takes place during the  Mongol invasion of Japan.

8. Shadow of Mordor  

Top Ten Open World Stealth Game
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Shadow of Mordor is an action-adventure game in Lotr Middle earth. Published by Warner Bros, this game has incredible stealth mechanics with an open world of Middle Earth filled with various incredible elements like elvish magical abilities and engaging, satisfying combat gameplay but the world seems a bit dull.

7.Ghost Recon Wildlands 

Top Ten Open World Stealth Game
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Ghost Recon Wildlands is a vast open-world stealth game where players can take down Cartels with a team of their own, customizing their attires, guns etc the gameplay is good, but Ai is clunky; the game shines while playing Co-op with friends, but the world lacks life and feels bland.

6. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Skyrim is the fifth instalment of the elder scrolls series providing a massive world to explore, allowing players to choose their Character to build to their heart’s content. The game has good stealth mechanics where players can choose what their Character to be whether a stealthy mage or an Assassin, or a stealthy ninja moreover, the game has a large modding community with a plethora of mods at their disposal.

5. Far Cry Series

Top Ten Open World Stealth Game
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Far cry is one of the most popular games that almost every gamer has played; this game is a first-person shooter game where players can choose to complete their missions stealthily or guns blazing; whichever way you choose the game provides some the awesome stealth mechanics that every stealth games should possess

players can choose bows and arrows sniper rifles, and a variety of stealth mechanics are available to them with a massive world to explore filled with many enemy bases to liberate. It’s a must-play for any player, be it new or old.

4. Watch Dogs 2

Top Ten Open World Stealth Game
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Watch dogs 2 is an action-adventure game released in 2016 by Ubisoft sequel to Watch dogs 1; the game is an open-world game with a massive world to explore and contains a variety of stealth gameplay with cool missions and excellent stealth takedowns with numerous parkour abilities. A lot of ways to complete a mission

the game also allows players to take control of Drones’ cars and bikes, and many more players can also hack enemies and objects into cars. the game is underrated in many ways.

3. Batman Arkham Series 

Top Ten Open World Stealth Game
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Batman Arkham Series is an adaptation of Batman from DC Comics and Developed by Rocksteady Studios The game is not only a successful superhero game but also a successful stealth game. The game does a wonderful job at making you feel and think like Batman the stealth mechanics in this game is one of the best.

Moreover, the gadgets and acrobatic abilities are a fine combination when carrying out various stealth missions. On top of that the game also successfully delivers  an awesome combat system that is a foundation for many latest games that we play.

2. Hitman Series 

Top Ten Open World Stealth Game
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The newly made Hitman games that came around 2021 published and developed by IO-Interactive is an awesome stealth game that allows players to take out their targets in many different ways that requires tact and skill. The game successfully delivers a large map compared to its predecessors. The graphics and atmosphere is one of the best.

1. Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain 

Metal gear solid V
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The game is almost 7 years old but still, one of the best-looking and most realistic stealth games one could hope for. The game even to this date has one of the most outstanding stealth mechanics and it was easily one of the most anticipated games of all time

Players are given the utmost freedom in carrying out the missions as they see fit they could use a variety of weapons gadgets and buddies at their disposal.

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